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tonavac.jpg - 22052 Bytes Tonavac 99

* Small / lightweight
* Toner proof
* EMI/RFI filtered
* Non-spill valve
* ESD safe

The light-weight toner vacuum cleaner for walking engineers and for the office, but powerful for its size at 400W. The large capacity 3 layer paper bags are suitable for black toners and economical to use with no other filters to be regularly changed. The bag change is easy and quick, and the hose entry valve ensures no debris will shake out. The unit comes complete with a set of toner-proof ESD-safe tools in a storage box.

con3000.jpg - 23654 Bytes Convac 3000 Range

Instructions & Technical Data | Filter Bag Replacement

* Non-spill valve
* Static grounded
* Large filter capacity
* Quiet model available
* Toner safe
* EMI/RFI filtered

Powerful 800W vacuum cleaners for all toner applications. The off-set large round handle makes the unit easy to carry, and a complete set of toner proof and ESD safe tools clip into the lid, including the snorkel tube which is soft enough not to damage cleaned components.

Trying to save money by using standard filters instead of the recommended fine/HEPA filters for all colour toners? Risking cleaner damage? No worry with CONVAC. The Convac genuine HEPA Filter cartridge is not only a similar price to most standard cartridge filters, it is also LARGER than most in its class. The fine HEPA filter has a filtration value well within the particle size of colour toners.

The paper bag version utilises the low cost 3 layer paper bags, recomended for black toners, more economical than cartridges and with a clean and easy bag change.

All versions have a hose entry valve to stop any debris shaking out.

The 'Q' versions are quieter, with an external stud for ESD wrist strap attachment.

Ergonomic design,
Environmentally clean.
ergo.jpg - 14301 Bytes

2000.jpg - 27941 Bytes Case Vac 2000

* Toner proof
* ESD safe
* EMI/RFI filtered

Versatile, all in one toner vacuum cleaning system with hand tool storage, eliminating the need to carry a separate tool case. Utilises genuine HEPA filter cartridge which is suitable for all colour toners.

Other accessories include:-

* Snorkel wand with soft brush
* Large dusting brush
* Bent snorkel wand
* Flat dusting brush
other.jpg - 17663 Bytes

Vacuum Cleaners Specification

  3000 C,CQ 3000 P,PQ New Case Vac 2000C Tonavac 99
Power-Watts 800 800 800 400
Noise level-Db        
Q models 66 69    
Weight-Kgs 5 5 7 3
Dimensions (cm) 46x18x22 46x18x22 43x33x22 17x32x14
Thermal protection device Yes Yes Yes Yes
EMI/RFI filtered Yes Yes Yes Yes
240V or 115V models Yes Yes Yes 240V
Filter type Cartridge Bag Cartridge Bag
Filter capacity-Litres 4.6 2.5 4.6 1.7
Capture all colour toners Yes Black Yes Black
No-spill valve Yes Yes Yes Yes
ESD safe Yes Yes Yes Yes
External ESD connector Q only Q only No No
Balanced carrying Yes Yes   Yes
Quick clip-in storage in lid in lid loose in loose in
      tool tray carry box
All ESD safe Yes Yes Yes Yes
All toner proof Yes Yes Yes Yes
Goose neck flexible Yes Yes Yes Yes
VAC-161 Single cartridge tick.gif - 923 Bytes   tick.gif - 923 Bytes  
VAC-162 Twin cartridge pack tick.gif - 923 Bytes   tick.gif - 923 Bytes  
VAC-150 Pack of 10 filter bags   tick.gif - 923 Bytes    
VAC-850/99 Pack of 10 filter bags       tick.gif - 923 Bytes