Convac 3000P/PQ Vacuum Cleaners


To obtain the best performance of the Convac 3000 Vacuum Cleaner the Manufacturer's recommendations need to be followed:
1. Paper Filter Bags must be stored in dry conditions.
2. Never use damp bags, they could burst, contaminate the vacuum cleaner and damage the motor.
3. Always fully insert the hose end in to the hose aperture.
4. Never over fill the Filter Bag above the recommended level, as indicated on the side of the filter bag, the Filter could then leak or even burst.
5. Always use the Anti-Dump Self Adhesive Label before disposal of used Filter Bags.


6 .When changing Filter Bags wipe clean any Toner spillage from inside the Vacuum Cleaner
7.Before switching vacuum cleaner off , stretch the hose to its full length to remove any remaining dust (toner) from the hose and attachment. Disconnect the hose and then switch the cleaner off..
8 . Always replace the Red Hose End Caps after use to prevent contamination.
Change the filter bag as per diagrams on next page:

Note: The Filter Bags for this Vacuum cleaner are compatible with the Convac AL90 Vacuum Cleaner.

USE FILTER BAGS, part number: VAC150

Technical Data

Motor: (UK/Europe) 220-240V 800W 50Hz
(5 Amp Fuse)
Suction: Approx 1400 mmWG
Airflow: Approx 30 liters per second
Thermal Protection: Cut out 90-100 C
Automatic Reset: Approx 10-15 minutes
Dimensions: 457 mm x 190 mm x 241 mm
Weight: 5.5 Kg approx.

CONVAC LTD reserves the right to change, alter or modify any clener or part thereof or packaging without prior notice, excepting those within specific contract arrangements.


1. Use only CONVAC spare parts - full list of parts available.
2. The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code:- Green/Yellow - Earth, Blue - Neutral, Brown - Live.
3. The equipment to be serviced should be switched off prior to using cleaner.


This machine is for dry particle collection only.
Never use or store this cleaner outdoors in wet conditions. removal of the motor cover or any unauthorised tampering with the cleaner or use without a full filtration system invalidates any warranty that may be given.