Filter Bag Replacement
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Fig 1. Push Filter Retainer to release from the Vacuum Cleaner Shell.
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Fig 2. Remove the Filter Bag along with the Retainer from the Vacuum Cleaner.
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Fig 3. Remove the Filter Bag from the Retainer by pulling out the clips on the side of the retainer and pressing on the cardboard end of the Filter Bag. Take care not to let the Filter Bag drop.
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Fig 4. Seal the Filter Bag with Anti-Dump Self Adhesive Label
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Fig 5. To replace the Filter Bag, insert the Hose Adaptor on the Retainer into the new Filter Bag.
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Fig 6. Ensure the new Filter Bag in securely fitted under the tabs on the Retainer.
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Fig 7. Refit the Retainer with Filter Bag attached.
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Fig 8. Clip the retainer back into position within the Vacuum Cleaner shell.
Do Not Reuse Old Filter Bags